A Senior business administration student. With a flexible set of business skills developed through work experience and also proven self-starter with strong management, leadership and communication skills developed through executive positions held in student organizations.



Fourth year, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, (Sep 2012: Now)

Major:  Business Administration. Section: English


Marketing Certificate student, the American university in Cairo (AUC), (Sep 2014- Now)

Development and Direct Marketing Specialist at Zad for Publishing and Distribution, (Dec 2012 – Current)

Responsible for developing new interactive ways of learning and Zad’s work. Also, Responsible for planning and coordinating direct marketing campaigns.


Extracurricular Activities:

Social Entrepreneurship, University of Connecticut, Connecticut (USA)

Scholarship by the American government to Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Students Leaders on Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship. (5 Weeks Program)


Founder and President at Masr Taamal initiative “Egypt works” (Feb. 2014 – Present)

First and Founding President of Masr ta3mal initiative in Ain Shams University.  It aims to Empower youth through career counseling, free training courses and helping them finding their dream job. Empower entrepreneurs to start their business by providing the required business development tools

Marketing Member at IEEE (NOV. 2013 – Feb 2014)

Was responsible for events marketing planning through online and offline campaigns.

Research and academic program member at Aspire Women initiative (Oct 2013 – Dec 2013)

Microsoft student partner (Multimedia vertical) at Microsoft Egypt, (sep2013- Current)

MSP’s role is to teach new technologies to the targeted students. Also responsible for social media (twitter) management and The MSP magazine.


Marketing Member at React (student activity), (Sep2013- Current)

Responsible for the activity events, content creation and marketing supervisor for two of the activity projects.



Volunteering work:

Online Head, Anamel Masrya, (Jul 2013 –Oct 2013)

Responsible for the organization campaigns and day by day activities on Social Media channels.


Coordinator, Forum of Dialogue & Partnership for Development (FDPD), (Apr 2013 – Now)

coordinator of  the “People’s Committee for the Development of Sinai” – Working to help NGOs by providing them by training sessions, each according to its need through to the development of Sinai.



Developing Marketing and Sales Skills Program (DMSS), Mar2013

Introduction to sales and marketing, effective sales skills and the use of social networking in marketing and sales.


Business Wise Program, Dec 2012

Gained a good knowledge about the basics of (Presentation skills, Team Building, HR Management, Business Plan, and Marketing).



Computer skills:

Very good in using Microsoft office programs.

Good use of Photoshop.

Prezi Presentations.

Advanced search on internet.
Language Skills:

English: Very good spoken, Listening and written.

French: Fair.




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